At GM we seek at all times to seek and achieve added value in our clients’ businesses and we are aware that trademark registration plays a preponderant role in the commercial and legal positioning they need. For this reason, we support all types of clients, from entrepreneurs, merchants, small and medium-sized companies to large corporations, to carry out, from a preparatory stage, the registration of their trademarks and other distinctives in the market to achieve legal recognition and protection. they need, for which we not only participate in the legal actions necessary to achieve these objectives, but also accompany them throughout the process related to the conception, advertising and marketing that they require.

For this reason, our recognized trademark work, both in Mexico and abroad, has allowed us to carry out all kinds of strategies to obtain traditional and non-traditional trademarks, commercial advertisements (slogans), commercial names, certification marks and collective,

as well as the intelligent management of brand portfolios that allow our clients to be able to operate with tranquility and security in the market, also advising them on everything related to the exploitation of these assets, through licensing schemes, transfers of rights and other figures. that allow them to make the most of their assets and obtain from them not only a legal benefit but also an economic one.

Our services are not only limited to the registration of trademarks and their protection and defense in Mexico, but also abroad through the extensive network of correspondents that we have practically all over the world.

In addition to the actions related to the creation and registration of trademarks, we carry out all the actions related to their maintenance, surveillance and protection in the market through our sophisticated specialized software.



  • Phonetic and legal background searches.
  • Market research to determine the commercial viability of brands.
  • Intelligent, detailed and precise descriptions of products and services.
  • Preparation and filing of applications for trademark registrations.
  • All kinds of advice, consultancy and recommendations related to trademarks.
  • Answers and defense against requirements of form and substance in applications.
  • Monitoring and surveillance of brands in the market.
  • Preparation and defense of trademark opposition procedures.
  • Preparation and presentation of declarations of use and renewals of trademark registrations.
  • All types of licenses and authorizations for the use of trademarks in contracts.
  • All kinds of drafting and revision of contracts and clauses related to trademarks.
  • Preparation and filing of declaration applications for famous and well-known trademarks.
  • Research, monitoring and surveillance of the use of trademarks in the market and on the Internet.
  • Presentation of trademark registrations abroad through our correspondents.
  • Preparation and filing of international trademark registration applications.
  • Guidance and advice on the use of trademarks on labels, products and services.
  • Negotiations and elaboration of co-existence agreements of brands in the market.