GM Attorneys at Law is a prestigious law firm made up of experts and specialists in Intellectual Property and Litigation, which provide advice, consulting, strategy, protection and defense of the highest level to all types of national and foreign clients, both in Mexico and abroad.

The Firm has a long history and experience in each and every one of the areas related to Intellectual Property, including the most innovative and avant-garde, so that it has been able to adapt to the demands of our times. It has highly qualified people and reliable resources to guarantee its clients a complete, quality legal service at all times, focused on obtaining favorable results.

The added value of the Firm and what distinguishes it from other law firms in the field in Mexico is that it has established a single and clear purpose: to provide its clients with a complete legal experience, where trust, honesty, effectiveness, long-term relationships and personalized attention and closeness to customers are its priority.


GM does provide services in a traditional or standardized way, but not has been able to innovate the way in which legal services should be provided, being absolutely clear that Intellectual Property rights should not be limited to a simple registration and protection strategy. of assets, but rather seeks to maximize the maximum potential of its clients, making their intellectual property rights and portfolio an effective tool to increase and improve their businesses, as well as optimize and enhance their resources. In other words, the Firm focuses on giving intellectual property a treatment that turns it into a business tool and not just a legal solution, for which it offers an unbeatable commitment to each project and a creative and innovative way in which handling each of these.

At GM we are fully aware of the challenges that our customers face today, especially with an intellectual property that is often changing and that evolves more and more every day, facing new technological and digital landscapes and, therefore, our team is fully prepared to take on a strategic role for all of our clients, from start-ups and small businesses to large corporations, in virtually every branch of industry.

At our Firm we want to change the way intellectual property has been handled by lawyers. We’re different. We innovate. We come to stay.