• Bachelor of Laws, ITESM.
  • Diploma in Fashion Law, Central Law School.
  • International Language Program, Oxford University.
  • Specialty in International Humanitarian Law, CIDIH.


  • Trademarks and Distinctive Signs
  • Copyright and Reservations of Rights
  • Contentious Procedures and Litigation
  • Franchises, contracts and licenses



Marahí has been a lawyer for GM Attorneys at Law since 2022, where she carries out registration and maintenance actions for all types of trademarks and distinctive signs, both in Mexico and abroad. Likewise, she is involved in all types of contracts for the transmission of rights and licensing related to distinctive signs.

On the other hand, Ella Marahí also carries out all kinds of registrations of works, reservations of rights and all kinds of figures related to copyright and contractual aspects related to them.

He has mainly focused his practice on all actions and strategies related to Fashion Law, as well as everything related to digital intellectual property, including NFT’S, image rights, periodic broadcasts, and all related contractual and intellectual property protection regulations. with influencers and content creators.

He actively participates in contentious procedures such as nullity, expiration and trademark and copyright infringement, as well as other types of litigation in administrative and judicial instances.