We are aware that the intellectual property and intangible assets of our clients through their different products and services in the market play a significant role in the industry sectors in which they operate and that, therefore, they constantly face legal actions. of unfair competition, unauthorized use of their rights, piracy and counterfeiting, imitators, and all kinds of legal challenges that require constant, solid and effective protection and vigilance.

At GM we have a strong belief not only to solve the problems our customers face, but also to avoid them. At all times we provide strategies and solutions to avoid litigation and confrontation with third parties and, on the contrary, focus the efforts and investments of our clients on the maintenance and growth of their businesses; however, when there is no other way out, we have extensive and notorious experience to defend and enforce your rights through all kinds of contentious procedures, litigation, trials, enforcement measures, and other means of defense that achieve absolute protection. of the rights of our clients and their interests before authorities such as the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property, the National Copyright Institute, the Federal Commission for Protection Against Sanitary Risks, the Federal Consumer Protection Agency, the Specialized Investigation Unit of Crimes against Copyright and Industrial Property, the World Industrial Property Organization, the Specialized Intellectual Property Chamber of the Federal Court of Administrative Justice, District Courts for Administrative Matters, Collegiate Circuit Courts for Administrative Matters, and the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

Our team has been particularly recognized for obtaining favorable results in complex and highly technical matters involving the defense and protection of all types of intellectual property rights. Our work in the litigation area has been identified as the most effective practice of our firm and enjoys high prestige for the avant-garde, creative and innovative vision with which we assert the rights of our clients through our strategies, which has established it as a benchmark and a leading practice in our country.

In each and every one of the litigations in which we participate, we carry out tailored strategies that are characterized by being extremely solid, effective and that are adapted at all times to the business interests of our clients. When it comes to litigation, we are not more of the same, we are the same doing more.



  • Constant monitoring and surveillance service on the internet and in the market regarding the unauthorized use of trademarks, patents and copyrights.
  • Preparation of all types of Cease & Desist letters.
  • Business and legal investigations regarding competitors and unauthorized users.
  • Applications for Administrative Declaration of Expiration, Nullity and Cancellation of Trademarks.
  • Applications for Imposition of Provisional Measures and Trademark Infringement.
  • Applications for Administrative Declaration of Nullity of Patents.
  • Applications for Imposition of Provisional Measures and Patent Infringement.
  • Operations for the seizure and/or confiscation of infringing products.
  • Preparation of “Notice & Takedown” requests to combat infringing digital content and internet providers.
  • Trademark Opposition Procedures.
  • Procedures for the recovery and/or transfer and/or elimination of domain names through UDRP procedures before the WIPO.
  • Procedure of settlement and conciliation meetings in copyright matters.
  • Procedures for Alternative Dispute Resolution before the WIPO (ADR), through mediation, arbitration and expert decisions.
  • Requests for Nullity of Reservations of Rights before the INDAUTOR.
  • Copyright Infringement and Trade Infringement Requests.
  • Request Procedure for Border Measures and protection and defense in Customs.
  • Procedures to combat the illegal granting of sanitary registrations.
  • Procedures for complaints and infractions due to the improper appropriation and/or disclosure of industrial secrets.
  • Unfair Competition Infringement Procedures.
  • Procedures and complaints for violation of consumer rights.
  • Investigation of copyright and industrial property crimes.
  • Preparation of expert evidence, expert opinions and technical reports.
  • Reporting and data requirements.
  • Inspection visits.
  • Federal Administrative Lawsuits.
  • Amparo Trials and Review Resources.