Domain names for all types of businesses, products and companies have been a key factor for the due protection, recognition and reputation of our clients in the market and their positioning with consumers, since it is a figure that has an absolute relation to intellectual property rights and that, therefore, represent not only an intellectual asset of great relevance for their businesses, but also a tool for protection and additional recognition of their intellectual property rights.

At GM we have extensive experience not only in obtaining and registering domains through the different registration platforms in Mexico and in the world, but we also carry out all kinds of actions for their commercial use, protection and defense in the market. , for which we work with all kinds of top level domains (gTLDs), as well as other second and third level domains; sponsored and unsponsored; geographic and generic; and in general with the entire DNS system.

We help our clients not only to enhance their brands, products and services through their respective domain names, but we also seek that, through these, they achieve a more solid position in the market compared to their competitors, which we do through of availability searches, monitoring and surveillance of possible infringers, recovery of domains through litigation and contentious procedures, licenses and transfers of rights for the use of domains, among many others.

On the other hand, we have carried out effective strategies to prevent certain domains and brands of our clients from being improperly used through the guidelines system or AdWords in our country, preventing them from profiting from them in an unauthorized and improper manner and/or that seek to divert or confuse customers with respect to possible associations or relationships with our customers.



  • Analysis and searches of feasibility and registrability of domain names.
  • Obtaining and registering all types of domains with offices, platforms and domain providers.
  • Advice, consulting and guidance in the registration and use of domain names.
  • Domain name maintenance and surveillance systems.
  • All kinds of elaboration and revision of contracts and commercial agreements where domain names are involved.
  • Transfer of domain names.
  • Registration of domain names under the figure of trademarks and/or reservations of rights.
  • Recovery of appropriate domains in an improper or illegal way.
  • Removal and/or elimination of unauthorized domain names.
  • Strategies for expansion and development of domain names.
  • Resolution of Controversies in Domain Matters before the WIPO.
  • Execution, protection and defense in UDNDRP procedures (Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution).