The human intellect and intellectual property have found in technology and the Internet new concepts, developments, ideas and assets that are susceptible to protection and that require new mechanisms and strategies that allow their exclusivity in the market against possible competitors, above all, due to the growing existence of new intellectual property actors such as influencers, social networks, software developers, e-commerce platforms, mobile applications (app’s), non-fungible tokens (NFT’s), artificial intelligence (A.I.) among others, which are They have become content generators that require schemes and strategies that allow the proper registration and protection of their assets in order to carry out a correct exploitation in the market, apart from contractual and commercial operations in which they are fully involved.

Our team, made up of young people but with extensive experience in all these issues, allows GM to offer its clients an avant-garde and innovative vision for the provision of legal services in each and every one of these areas corresponding to digital content, particularly, because they are totally familiar with the needs and areas of opportunity that they currently offer.



  • Advice, consulting and legal and commercial guidance for influencers, developers, gamers and content generators.
  • Trademark registrations and right reservations (periodic broadcasts) for YouTube channels, podcasts and digital content.
  • Trademark registrations and reservations of rights for fictitious and/or characterization characters.
  • Records of right reservations for the name of influencers, youtubers, and content generators.
  • Brand registrations for hashtags and other elements of identification of content generators.
  • Protection and registration of all types of accounts on twitter, youtube, facebook, instagram, tiktok and other social networks.
  • Planning and commercial strategies for the launch, presentation, diffusion and/or recommendation of products or services through content or digital platforms.
  • Preparation and review of contracts related to the right to use the image of content generators.
  • Copyright protection for musical creations, dances, choreographies, videos, audiovisual works, photographs, songs, drawings, and all kinds of artistic content from content generators.
  • Contractual and registration protection for e-commerce platforms.
  • Preparation of contracts for the development of computer programs, mobile applications and video games with programmers and developers.
  • Confidentiality agreements (NDA’s) in all types of commercial agreements with content generators.
  • Registration, protection and contractual regulation for non-fungible tokens (NFT’s).