Copyright and all the figures related to them, such as the right to the image and the reservation of rights, are an extremely common and relevant practice in our Firm. We have known how to effectively identify, protect and monetize all the creations and the product of the human intellect of all our clients, for which we carry out all kinds of legal actions related to their works such as computer programs, films and audiovisual productions, plays, pictorial or drawing, literary, musical, architectural, graphic and textile design, applied art, among many others.

Also, aware of the relevance that technology and the Internet have today, we have focused our knowledge and experience on the protection of fictional characters and human characterization, NFT’s, podcasts, YouTube channels, radio programs, digital magazines, e-commerce, games and software, among many other relevant topics for our clients and their need to make intellectual property an additional tool in their recognition and positioning in the market.

We also have extensive experience for all those artists, famous people, musical groups, actors and other people in the media all kinds of actions for the registration, protection and profitability of their names, creations and, particularly, their image in the market with the purpose of ensuring the greatest benefit of these in contracts, commercial agreements, and commercial exploitation by different means.



  • Preparation and presentation of all types of works and copyright.
  • Preparation, review and negotiation in all types of contracts and commercial agreements.
  • Preparation and presentation of applications for marginal annotations.
  • Feasibility search for registration through previous opinions.
  • All kinds of advice, consultancy and guidance related to works and copyright.
  • Preparation and presentation of all types of rights reservations, such as periodic publications, periodic broadcasts, advertising promotions, characterization human characters, fictitious or symbolic, as well as the name of people or groups with artistic activities.
  • Renewals of reservations of rights.
  • Advice and actions for the protection, registration and defense of image rights.
  • Requests to obtain and/or modify ISBN and ISSN numbers.
  • Requests for obtaining and/or modifications of content legality certificates.
  • Advice and consultancy for the use of copyright of third parties.
  • Registration and protection actions for the dissemination of copyright on the Internet.
  • Actions of registration, protection and contracts of all types of authorial digital content.
  • Preparation and registration of licenses, transfers of rights and copyright contracts.
  • Preparation of commissioned works contracts and labor regulation for copyright.
  • Orientation in contracts, registrations, legal protection and commercial relations in all types of copyright of indigenous artisan communities in Mexico.
  • Obtaining permits and licenses with Collective Management Societies.