In a world where the scope of climate change and the preservation of species is already a reality, the research, development, launch, protection and commercialization of new fruit, horticultural, vegetable or plant crops represent a need that grows more and more every day. and more between our clients and the consuming public.

To this end, the protection of plant varieties and the obtaining of breeder’s rights (Plant Breeder Rights -PBR) are an effective intellectual property tool to guarantee that the investment and development that both people and companies, researchers, developers, farmers, producers, phyto-breeders and phyto-geneticists use in order to continue preserving the agricultural heritage of our species.

At GM we have extensive experience to achieve the legal and commercial materialization of all the work of our clients in the generation, development and innovation of plant varieties in our country and abroad.



  • Analysis and opinions regarding the distinctness, homogeneity and stability of varieties.
  • Priority claims of breeders’ rights applied for or obtained abroad.
  • Preparation of technical reports in relation to the type of variety, lines of kinship, genealogy, breeding methods, procedures for maintaining the identity of the variety, among others.
  • Advice and guidance for the preparation of technical reports in accordance with the technical guidelines established by UPOV (International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants).
  • Preparation and presentation of plant variety applications before the National Seed Inspection and Certification Service (SNICS).
  • Obtaining the Certificate of Presentation of the Plant Variety Application for provisional protection purposes.
  • Reply to trades requesting form and substance of application procedures.
  • Obtaining breeder’s titles (PBR).
  • Actions to maintain the validity of breeder’s rights, such as the payment of endorsements and the performance of voluntary amendments.
  • Preparation and filing of trademark registration applications to protect the trade name of plant varieties.
  • Preparation and review of license contracts and transfer of plant variety rights.
  • Implementation of contractual, legal and commercial strategies for Technology Transfer Centers related to plant varieties.