The registration and protection of the intellectual property of our clients constitutes an essential step in the growth of their businesses and their interests, however, the true value and attraction of having a portfolio of intangible assets lies in maximizing and potentiating their profitability, with the purpose that intellectual property not only consists of an asset for business, but a tool to generate higher income through its commercial exploitation in the market, either by our clients themselves or through third parties.

That is why at GM we have extensive experience in the intelligent, efficient and strategic preparation of all types of contracts, business models, transfers of rights, licensing schemes, permits and authorizations that allow our clients to obtain the maximum potential of their assets. from a business perspective in order to increase their businesses, products and services.

We have been involved in important commercial transactions where intellectual property has played a key role in all types of contracts and, in addition, we have extensive experience in the preparation, development, negotiation and implementation of franchises both in Mexico and abroad. what we have executed in an outstanding way in sectors of the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, educational, and entertainment industries, among others. We accompany our clients in all types of transactions, sales, licensing and negotiations that seek an ideal use of intellectual property assets.



  • Preparation and review of all types of contracts related to intellectual property.
  • Advice and consultancy to maximize, enhance and make profitable intangible assets.
  • Due diligence of intellectual property portfolios for all types of transactions.
  • Advice and support in all types of contractual and commercial negotiations.
  • Fiscal and commercial strategies for the profitability of intangible assets.
  • Development of contracts and strategies for the implementation, development or expansion of franchise programs.
  • Studies of marking and valuation of intangible assets.
  • Schemes of royalties and licensing of intangible assets.
  • Assignments and transfers of intellectual property rights.
  • Contractual strategies for trusts and conglomerates of companies.
  • Co-ownership agreements, co-ownership and rules of use.
  • Authorizations and permissions for the use of intellectual property rights.