It is well known that intellectual property rights can constitute the most valuable asset within a company or business, which is achieved with the accumulation of legal and commercial efforts that their owners employ on them; hence the conviction that intellectual property is, in fact, possibly one of the best investments from a business point of view.

There is a wide variety of commercial operations, contracts and transactions in which intellectual property plays a key and determining role, so it is extremely important to be able to know the internal and external value that exists behind a brand, a copyright, an invention , an industrial secret, among others, in the market. Asset valuation allows our clients to obtain lines of credit, implement accounting and tax strategies, obtain declarations of fame or notoriety, enter into commercial agreements that are backed by the value of their assets, develop financial projects, among others.

At GM we are fully aware of the need to continue building value on the intellectual property of our clients and, therefore, we support them in all the actions and strategies necessary to achieve a comprehensive valuation of their intellectual property assets and, based on this , to be able to conclude all kinds of business or commercial agreements. For this, we have a strategic and commercial alliance with one of the most important business and intangible asset valuation agencies in the country: VALUAMIĀ®, which allows us to offer all our clients a technical, specialized and innovative service of the hand in hand with the best experts for the implementation of the best company policies and business strategies.



  • Due diligence and identification of all intangible assets in a business.
  • The protection and registration of all those intangible assets subject to valuation.
  • Comprehensive commercial services for the valuation of branded businesses and intangible assets.
  • Market studies regarding the use, value and exploitation of intangible assets.
  • Application of solid and effective mathematical and financial valuation methodologies.
  • Comparative analysis of similar contracts and transactions (benchmarking).
  • Valuations for development costs, future income, or value generation.
  • Guidance, advice and consulting for business transactions or operations based on the valuation of intangible assets.
  • Preparation and review of clauses and contracts related to the valuation of intangibles, as well as strategies and support in negotiations.