There are many cases where the intellectual property generated by our clients cannot be registered, or it is decided not to do so as a commercial or business strategy, however, all the information related to these rights represents a competitive or commercial advantage over possible competitors in the market and it must be ensured that it is kept in a state of confidentiality and protection that allows its commercial exploitation and continues to be a main factor in the value of our clients’ business and operations.

For this reason, at GM we carry out all the strategies and legal actions necessary for the creation, maintenance, confidentiality, communication, handling and preservation of industrial and commercial secrets such as formulas, ingredients, suppliers, recipes, raw materials, materials, know-how. how, systems and/or tools.

We have focused our experience, knowledge and services not only on preserving the industrial secrets of our clients, but we also have an active participation in the identification of all assets that may constitute secrets, in the implementation of chains of custody and information related to said secrets, in the execution of all possible and sufficient measures to maintain and preserve their content, value and application in the operations of our clients, in the formulation of clauses, contracts and agreements to maintain their confidential and privileged nature, as well as the advice and training in the management and control of this information.



  • Analysis, identification and assessment of all types of industrial and commercial secrets.
  • Preparation of all types of confidentiality and privileged information contracts (NDA)
  • Implementation of protection strategies and safeguarding of information and secrets.
  • Internal and external policies for the control, management, communication and preservation of information and secrets.
  • Advice and recommendations on the use of systems and technologies for the preservation of secrets, information and its confidentiality.
  • Development of strategies for the chain of custody of secrets and confidential information.
  • Training in the control, management and preservation of industrial and commercial secrets.
  • Development of protection measures and non-disclosure of industrial and commercial secrets.
  • Preparation, review and execution of contracts where secrets and confidential and privileged information are involved.